Performanssi 2011/ Performance Art festival 27.05.-29.05.2011 Turku Finnland

leyla rodriguez, isle of lox the pink situation, turku, finnland,Titanik Gallery
pic elena Getzeh, Titanik Gallery, Turku City Theatre, Fuusiå, Klubi Turku

PERFORMANSSI 2011 is an event produced by the Artists' Association MUU, and organised as a part of the official Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture program. The event culminates in a performance art festival held in Turku during the weekend 27–29 May 2011. The festival presents works by seventeen international and Finnish artists from the field of contemporary performance art. The festival is curated by Christopher Hewitt, a Berlin based performance artist, curator and producer, Live Art Development Agency, a London based live art organisation, and Kimmo Modig, a Turku based sound and performance artist. The festival program also includes video performances selected in an international open call, and performances by local artists.

As a part of the PERFORMANSSI 2011 festival program, In May 14th - 29th 2011 the videos spread out all over Turku into surprising and exceptional places. All selected works were seen as a compilation at Titanik Gallery.

14.5 sat 20-03: Fuusiå, Klubi Turku
17.-21.5 tue-sat 12-19: Turku City Theatre
23.-29.5 mon-sun 9-18: Karinakoti
23.-29.5 mon-sun 9-18: Portsakoti
24.-27.5 tue-fri 9-16: Kela Turku
24.-28.5 tue-fri 12-18, sat 12-15: Jeti Shop
24.-28.5 tue-sat 12-18: Titanik Gallery
27.-28.5 fri-sat 12-19: Turku City Theatre
27.-29.5 fri-sun 10-02: Uusi Apteekki


Jan Hakon Erichsen: Seek and Destroy, Norway
Antti Laitinen: Voyage, Finland
Paola Chaves Olarte & Luis Fernando Chaves Olarte: En Obra (Building Site), Colombia
La Favorita colectivo: Planideros (Mourners), Mexico
Nina Kurtela: Transformance, Croatia
Anna Lidberg: Damn it, Anna. Were we not children just recently?, Sweden
Essi Kausalainen: Siskot, Finland
Søren Meisner: Forkert, Denmark
Marianne Langenegger: Survival of the Luckiest, The Netherlands
Pia Lindman: Red Explosion, Pink Fire and Black, Finland
Heini Aho: Black Hole, Finland
Paul Wiersbinski: King Nothing, Germany
Heidi Kilpeläinen HK119: The Great Non Figurative ‘K’, Finland
Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub: The Pink Situation, Germany
Annette Arlander: Year of the Rat – Dripping, Finland
Anneli Nygren: Farewell, Jeff Koons, Finland
Heidi Kilpeläinen HK119: Tropikalia, Finland
Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub: The Face, Germany
Oblivia: The Entertainment Island Trilogy (trailer), Finland
Torsten P. Bruch: Laurentius chan, Germany

During 2011 Performance Voyage will be run, beside Turku, around Europe, when part of the videos selected by the jury will be displayed in the festival’s partnership cities.

23.5 Helsinki, Finland: MUU gallery
25.5 Riga, Latvia: 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival
18.6 Hamburg, Germany: FRISE Künstlerhaus, Altonale Festival
30.9 Tallinn, Estonia: Kumu kunstimuuseum
19.11 Tromsø, Norway: Tromsø Kunstforening

The program of PERFORMANSSI 2011 is an up-to-date review of what is happening in contemporary international performance art. The festival program features performance nights, site-specific performances, sound art events, video works, workshops, curator seminars, lectures, public discussions and the festival closing party. The venues of the festival are the Barker-theatre, the Cosmic Comic Cafe, the Fluxee club at Tehdas Theatre, the cultural space of Kutomo run by Ehkä-production, the Titanik Gallery, the Biological Museum of Turku and the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. The video performances can be encountered in various surprising locations around the city.

The festival also marks the occasion of the launching of a Performance Art Bank database which presents the actual Finnish performance art at its website and in the form of a catalog. The database is implemented jointly by the Artists' Association MUU and the Regional Arts Council of South-West Finland. During 2011, the festival will also expand in the form of video performances to other European cities, including Hamburg, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Tromsø.

PERFORMANSSI 2011 is a continuation for the international performance art festivals Amorph!, which the Artists’ Association MUU has been producing since 1995. PERFORMANSSI 2011 as the 10th festival follows the tradition of one of the oldest Nordic festivals focused in performance art. The latest festivals are Amorph!08 in Paris and Helsinki, curated by Juha Valkeapää; Amorph!06 Cover up, curated by the Oblivia group members Annika Tudeer and Anna Krzystek; and Amorph!03 Summit of Micronations, curated by Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen.

CO-PARTNERS: Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, ACSI Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation, Altonale 13, Ateneum Hall, Barker-theatre, Cosmic Comic Cafe, Biological Museum of Turku, Ehkä-production & Kutomo, Estonian Institute in Finland, Fluxee, FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg, Fuusiå, Kumu Art Museum, Presentaatio Performance and Live Art Information Center Finland, Regional Arts Council of South-West Finland, Tehdas Theatre, Titanik Gallery, TOK and Wiklund Screen, Tromsø Kunstforening, Turku City Theatre, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Äänen Lumo, 2ANNAS International Short Film Festival

SUPPORTED BY: Kansan Sivistysrahasto, Konstsamfundet, Nordic Culture Point, Ministry of Education and Culture, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Arts Council of Finland, Turku 2011 Foundation

PRODUCTION TEAM: The festival is coordinated and produced by a team of six members, producers Essi Ojanperä, Jari Kallio and Maija Reeta Raumanni, the director of the Artists’ Association MUU Timo Soppela, the chairperson of the Artists’ Association MUU Hannele Romppanen, and the regional artist of performance art at the Arts Council of South-West Finland Leena Kela.