Isle Of Lox by Leyla Rodriguez & Cristian Straub

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Unterschwänglich setzt das Video-Triptychon "Isle of Lox" eine entrückte, pink-flimmernde Welt in Szene und vermischt dabei so unterschiedliche Codes und Einflüsse aus Märchen, Modefotografie, Mythologie und Video-Clips. Die beiden Künstler lassen uns eintauchen in eine Traum- und Popwelt, in der Symbole und Texturen sich reflektieren und spiegeln. Eine geheimnisvolle Reise, an der gleichermaßen Personen, Tierfiguren und Objekte wie "The Black One", "The Reflektor", "The Tree" oder auch noch "The Fruits Electric Crone" teilhaben.

Au sous-sol, le triptyque vidéo Isle of Lox met en scène un univers décalé, rose et scintillant, mêlant codes et influences aussi diverses que les contes de fée, la photographie de mode, la mythologie et les clips vidéo. Les deux artistes nous plongent au coeur d'un monde onirique et pop, où symboles et textures se réfléchissent et se miroitent. Un voyage mystérieux en compagnie de personnages, figures animalières et objets tels que The Black One, The Reflektor, The Tree ou encore The Fruits Electric Crone.

"Origins" is the film that started the Isle of Lox series. It already contains most of the components and themes which are characteristical for the whole series: water, loneliness & exploration, textile artifacts, sounds & music, despair, transcendence & joy.

While threatened by the chaotic sludge, Leylox (a girl wearing a donkey-mask) and Krilox (a boy wearing a bunny mask) are exploring the vast area of existence they were thrown into. They're checking on the artifacts trouvés, while the clock is ticking. It's a mix between an expedition and being on the run.
In the end, they find the right artifact responsible for transcending into the pink situation. This action helps them to relax and finally accept the new environment as their new home.
The chaotic sludge is still boiling, though.

In "The Process", Leylox and Krilox continue the exploration of the Isle of Lox, their new home.
Leylox and Krilox are on a boat. They're exploring the beautiful and rich residential neighborhood of the extinct inhabitants of Lox. While joyfully canoing their boat, they encounter another textile artifact, which is screaming a siren's cry every time when touched.
While performing surgery on the screaming artifact, Leylox and Krilox fall into an archaic, musical state of mind, which eventually leads up to a joyful, musical celebration.

"The Pink Situation" is the first film of the series not to feature Leylox & Krilox.
This time, the focus is on the "Holy Donkeys". It's not evident if those creatures are a part of the past or of the future of Lox.
The exodus of the donkey tribe is in full effect, when something quite inexplicable takes place (which may or may not be a holy ritual). The donkeys blend into “The pink situation”, a higher and peaceful state of mind.

In „The Face“_ Leylox and Krilox return to action in the first "indoor" film of the series. It also features for the first time non-textile Artifacts such as "The Reflektor", a crystal skateboard.

Leylox and Krilox are in a cathedral, which is full of mirrors. A mystery and identity play beginns, when they start walking over the mirror plates.

"The fruits electric" is the first film of the series to feature another protagonist than Leylox and Krilox. Lending iconography from _Greek mythology (Aphrodite's _birth from oceanic foam), the Bible (Eve and the _forbidden apple) and Grimm's _fairy tales (Hänsel & Gretel),_ the film features a mystery girl on her audiovisual quest for the _primordial origin of sound.

A girly dressed girl and her "Reflektor“ are washed ashore a beach. Strangely attracted by “The Flags” and uncanny sounds, she starts exploring the island she stranded on. When she picks "The Fruits“ from “The Tree of Sound" she is instantly transposed to a mysterious house = “The Transformer“. This is when she becomes aware of her transformation: she is now the keeper of the sound crown, she has become the fruits electric princess.