Celluloid Dream Path by Leyla Rodriguez Premiere / 12.08.2023 @ The International Experimental Film and Arts Festival Suspaustas Laikas, Vilniaus/ LITHUANIA


On August 12, the final evening of the Suspaustas laikas festival awaits us at Hofas. Let's return to the concept of medium again. The environment becomes a condition of the internal structure of the organism and an inseparable part of it. The important part is, for us, that this organism is a human being. Therefore, we hope that we have created the environment, the medium, in which, you - the viewer - was a part of it. The last evening program will leave you feeling absorbed as well!

Hofo hangar 21:00 1 part
Hofo hangar 22:00 2 part

Sponsored by the Lithuanian Film Centre, Klaipeda City Municipality, companies Epson, DUV and Clear Channel.

The festival first set off on its journey toward the exploration of alternative cinema and audio-visual arts in Lithuania, Nida, in 2016. Each year the programme encompasses unconventional cinematic and audio-visual art forms and means of expression: hybrid film, non-narrative cinema, technology and process centred experimentation in art.

Particular focus is laid on a short film as an independent artistic medium on par with that of a feature film, yet understood as a self-sufficient form of art rather than a mere segment or a fragment of the whole, and as such related to and typical of experimental cinema.

The international festival “Suspaustas Laikas” strives to create opportunities and environments conducive to exploration and learning about experimental cinema and audio-visual arts. It probes the trajectory of the evolution of cinematic language and the role of technologies, intercepting the novel and the archaic, that makeup and are in turn remade in search of audio-visual forms of artistic expression. In so doing the festival contributes to the reach of cinema art and bolsters cultural education of youth and communities in Lithuanian.