CELLULOID DREAM PATH by Leyla Rodriguez | 35 mm | 35 Min. | Color | Silent Picture
11.11.2021. - 11:11:11

35 mm | 35 Min. | Color | Silent Picture
Argentina, China, Germany, Irland, Italy,
Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Peru,
Uruguay and USA
"CELLULOID DREAM PATH" 2021 | Silent Picture

Leyla Rodriguez´s BOOM @ the VASTLAB EXPERIMENTAL 2021, Los Angeles/ USA, Leyla Rodriguez´s BOOM @ the VASTLAB EXPERIMENTAL 2021, Los Angeles/ USA, Leyla Rodriguez´s BOOM @ the VASTLAB EXPERIMENTAL 2021, Los Angeles/ USA
10.11.2021. - 11:29:25


Founded in 2016 by Daniel Paul Bates in Los Angeles, CA THE VAST LAB is a Multi-Disciplinary Playground for Lovers, Learners, and Masters of the Visual, Audio, Story, and Technology Arts.
We host 6-8 shows each year spanning genre and medium.
In parallel to our programming, we host monthly Youth Labs connecting local students with working artists.


...with that, welcome to our 3rd Annual VASTLab Experimental program running Nov 14-21, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.

Our Online programs and Artist Q&As will run 11.15through 11.28 on vastlab.org (unless otherwise noted)

Three In-Person screenings at The Yard Theater in Hollywood (schedules below)

Sun 11.14 7pm-10pm - Programs 1 & 2

Sat 11.20 10pm-12:30am - Program 3

Sun 11.21 7pm-10pm - Programs 4 & 5

Program details here: https://vastlab.org/2021-vastlab-experimental-festival-info/

Masks and proof of vaccination required for these shows per LA County Health Order

About VASTLab:

Building community with experimental Visual, Audio, Story & Technology Arts.

Whether on-site in our studio or at an off-site satellite program, VAST Lab is a creative incubator. A place for Lovers, Learners, and Masters to Collaborate, Create, & Connect.


All short films will be available online for viewing on vastlab.org

Following their in person screening until Nov 28 (unless otherwise noted below)

Sunday November 14th The Yard Theater

Program 1


Away From You by Andrew Fisher

Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet by Aryo Khakpour

House Pieces by Christine Lucy Latimer

Bless You by Daniel Sweed

Falling Velvet by Delphine Mei

Lairs by Emma Penaz Eisner

Ghost and Me by Francesca Pazniokas

Recaptcha by Heather Warren-Crow

The Stream XI by Hiroya Sakurai (Nov 14 screening only, not online)

Battle by Hüseyin Mert Erverdi

Absolute Deafening Void by Juan Carlos Reyes

BOOM by Leyla Rodriguez

House Without a Key by Marta Skoczeń

Whisper, Rustle by Maureen Zent

The Onlookers by Natasa Prosenc Stearns

TOUCH & PASTE by Ruxandra Mitache

Drink Some Darkness by Trevor Mowchun

First Love by Ziyao Susan Xie

A Day In The Life Of Frusnuggels Penk by Johann Calderón (online only)

Intermission with Musical Guests After Zero

Program 2


Cognition Solstice by Adam Holoubek

Sometimes at Night by Hanna Ojala

Jala Suite : deep air by Jing Wang, Harvey Goldman

Silver by Johann Calderón

601 Revir Drive by Josh Weissbach

Cities of Ladies 2 (YOU) by Kim Noce

The Curve of the Earth by Lorenzo Benitez

Collage 37 by Luis Carlos Rodríguez

matriarch by Martin Krafft

For Myths and Memories by Mo Flannery

Dirt by Helanius J. Wilkins, Roma Flowers

Saturday November 20th The Yard Theater

Program 3


Bass Rally by Bartsik

Deepest Darkness, Flaming Sun by Ella Morton

Das Marsprojekt by Georg Koszulinski

La Citta Reale by Hing Tsang

My unrest by Joanna Szlembarska

Crossings by Johannes Binotto

The Destruction Project by Jojin Van Winkle

The Ephemeral Orphanage by Lisa Barcy

Otonashi by Martin Gerigk

Confessional by Michael Addison Mersereau

Journey home by Nicci Haynes

Human Walkers in Motion by Ethann Néon

2020 by Tom Bessoir

Cabo Tuna or The Management of the Sky by Unidad de Montaje Dialéctico

Memento Mori: the Most Important Thing in the World by Will Wood

Crowned & Conquering by Zareh Tjeknavorian (Nov 20 screening only, not online)

Sunday November 21st The Yard Theater

Program 4


An Approaching World by Andy Motz

ἐκπύρωσις (Ekpırosis) by Enzo Cillo

Wear and Tear by Jason Robinson

Notes from Someone Else's Lecture by s/n (Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts)

Interpolators by John Harlan Norris

Electric Bird by Josie Keller

WRAP MY ARMS by Marcelese Cooper

Call Me Back by Melina Kiyomi Coumas

The Bearers of Memories by Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė

Electric Window by Muriel Paraboni

Coincidences by Neil Ira Needleman

Sympathy for the Devil by Rachel Gibas

Carnelian by Russell Kiel


you are, i am by Sibi Sekar

Costume Change Forever by John Harlan Norris (online only)

Intermission with Modular Synthesizer Live Score by Damon Ramirez

Program 5


Stitch by Caroline Rumley (Nov 21 screening only, not online)

Shadow Time by Fred Hatt

Sidings of the Afternoon by Gina Hara

Powder Keg | The Quarries by Jasmine Dreame Wagner

THE SEPARATION by John Woodman

INFUSION NO. 1 by Lauren Henschel

The Dark Forest by Martin Del Carpio

The Remembering Movement by Mersolis Schöne

The Carnival of The Animal, Finale by See Ek Chang

Normal by Petr Nuska

Boredom Kills! by Roham Ahari

Kopierwerk by Stefanie Weberhofer

Circle of Seasons by Nan Su (online only)