03.11.17 FRIDAY 6 pm: Join our 2-day academy event, 3.11–4.11.2017 | G#R Hate Lock Academy | Genscher Academy

– Turn your trash into a token of hate/love! – Donate your trash, old newspapers and other material – Make your own hate / love lock – Highjack love locks with guest coach Taeck Goldt! | TIMETABLE Hate Lock Run and Academy | FRIDAY 6 pm: Academy Kick-off with drinks and collection/prearation of material. SATURDAY from 2 pm: – Love Lock Highjacking Course & Recruitment with Taeck Goldt – Hate Lock Academy – Build your own hate lock – 5 pm: Hate Lock Run – Install your Hate Lock! /////// Create your city! LOVE IS IN THE AIR and more precisely, on the bridge! As witnessed by all of us, millions of people have given testimony to their #eternallove. But don’t forget: Hate brings us together, too! An emotion, so emotional, you and your favorite enemy are bound together forever – as long as the feeling is mutual! Give testimony to that shared feeling or remind your hated one that you’re thinking of them! Create your super token of #dislike! A giant lock made out of trash! Recycling is hating! Hate is passion! Passion is life! With Genscher’s HATE LOCK ACADEMY, you can create your Giant Lock, which will then, in a beautiful procession, be brought to a place of your liking and installed there as an eternal token of your hate, for everyone to witness. #bringyouowntrash #hateislove G#R Zentrale, Marktstr. 138, Hinterhof / Karolinenviertel / St. Pauli / Hamburg U2 Messehallen | U3 Feldstraße | S21 Sternschanze http://