PILAR BAR präsentiert PILAR BAR & Filme die ich gemacht hab als ich auf meine Mu

PILAR BAR präsentiert am Samstag, am 27.10.2016 um 21:00 Uhr:

Filme die ich gemacht hab als ich auf meine Mutter aufpassen musste


PILAR BAR & The Feather Theories

Pilar Cruz ist eine kubanische Performance-Künstlerin. Sie wuchs in
Miami (USA) auf, lebte an verschieden Orte und seit den 90er Jahren
im Hamburger Karolinenviertel.

Seit zwei Jahrzehnten ist Cruz in der Hamburger Kunst- und
Musikszene zuhause. In der Galerie Genscher in der
Marktstraße 138 entwickelt sie ab dem 21.10.2016 über den Zeitraum
von drei Wochen ein Environment, in dem sie eigene künstlerische Arbeiten
präsentiert sowie Beiträge weiterer Künstlerinnen. In einer fiktiven Bar wird
ein Dialog entstehen entlang verschiedener Themen aus den Bereichen Kunst
und Wissenschaft.

Unter Mitwirkung internationaler Künstler- und Musikerinnen, die sie
dort als ihre Gäste einlädt, wird sich das Environment im stetigem
Wechsel entwickeln und verändern. Im Rahmen salon-ähnlicher Abende
präsentiert Cruz im Laufe dieses Zeitraums u.a. den Videokünstler
Mathis Menneking, dessen Filme im privatem Familienumfeld unter Gesichtspunkten
der Fürsorge für seine Mutter entstanden sind.

Weiter wird eine Gruppe Musiker zu Gast sein, die namentlich nicht in Erscheinung
treten will, sowie der Künstler und Kunstgeschichtler Timur Alexander El Rafie,
dessen Malerei aus unideologischen komplementären Farbkompositionen bestehen,
die naturwissenschaftliche, ästhetische und philosophische Fragen
berühren. Seine Arbeiten reflektieren den physiologischen Aufbau des
menschlichen Auges oder auch die neuronale Signalverarbeitung der
Impulse im visuellen Cortex z. B. bei der Aussprache des Wortes Rot
während des Betrachtens eines blauen Gegenstandes.

29.10.2016, 20:00h | Mathis Menneking, „Filme die ich gemacht hab als ich auf meine Mutter aufpassen musste“

04.10.2016, 22:00h | Arbeiten von Timur Alexander El Rafie

Mathis Menneking zu Gast bei Pilar Cruz

Pilar Bar
Galerie Genscher
Marktstr. 138 /Hinterhof
Hamurg /Karolinenviertel

27.10.2016. - 15:19:11
Larga Vida a la Nueva Carne 'aceNITE |26 October from 19 to 21.30 hrs @ the Proy

Este miércoles 26/10 presentamos el proyecto dentro del 'aceNITE de Fundación 'ace para el Arte Contemporáneo

Se proyectará la siguiente programación de video-arte:

Gonzalo Escobar Mora (Colombia) "Deformas"
Dirk Meinzer (Alemania) "Papa Wata"
Hsiang-Yun Huang (Taiwan) "Time is out of joint"
Leyla Rodriguez (Alemania) "Supreme presence"
Mariela Cantú (Argentina) "Nosotros"
Sana Ghobbeh (Iran) "I am part of the disturbance"
Ceci Leiva (Argentina) "Puente y Puerta"
Takayuki Yoshida (Japón) "Pompoko Mountain"
Paula Herrera (Argentina) "Muestrario"
Alexander Storey Gordon (Irlanda/Escocia) "In Camera (I used blood blood for the red)"
Müge Yidiz (Turquia) "A dialogue"
Lxs esperamxs!

'aceNITE | Miércoles 26 de Octubre de 19 a 21.30 hrs


´ace is an independent and non profit space for visual art production and research, located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

24.10.2016. - 23:15:10

Projection #1

Lifetime-Existence-Interactive Practice

Artist: Carolina Camelo Jiménez, Video: Evigilare-Vigilare, Country: Colombia / Artist: Carla Forte, Video: Emotional – Zero, Country: USA-Venezuela, Artist: Nina Dotti, Video: Take The Load off, Country: USA- Venezuela, Artist: Manuela Covini Video: The world is Big, Country: Germany/ Artist: Adriana Barrios, Video: La Tregua, Country: Venezuela, Artist: Maria Bilbao Herrera, On Becoming: A Meditation, Country: Venezuela / Artist: Susan Wawra, Video: Sexy, Country: Ireland / Artist: Diego Bernaschina, video: People on the Street: Street Ride in Everyday Life (2016), Country: Chile / Artist: Andrés Rodríguez Decena, Video: Breakfast in Bed, Country: Guatemala / Artist: Carla Forte, Video: ELLA, Country: USA

Projection #2

Abstraction, robotics, language of the unconscious

Artist: Bartus Bartolome and Ivan Castillo Lagrange, Video: Micki/series american icons, Country: USA/ Artist: Uwe Heine Debrod, Video: Foto Sintético, Country: México / Artist: Wanbli Gamache, Video: Sediment, Country: USA / Artist: Muu Blanco, Video: Abstracciones paisajísticas/animadas, Country: USA – Venezuela / Artist: Jeniffer Rodríguez, Video: Blue Sensation Project, Country: Ecuador / Artist: ALysee Stepanian, Video: Memory of Universe, Country: USA / Artist: Daniel Wechsler, Video: Exi(s)t, Country: United Kingdom / Artist: Patricio Ballesteros Ledesma, Video: Drawings to Dance, Country: Argentina / Artist: Vallet Aliénor, Video: Suspended World 1, Country: USA / Artist: David Yu, Video: Play Together Stay Together, Country: Canada

Projection #3

Fantasy, Super Star, Karma

Artist: Diego Ramirez, Video: My Superstar, Country: Australia / Artist: Sandrine Daumier,
Video: Soft Butterfly, Country: France / Artist: Greg Pitts, Video: Karma the Movie, Country: USA Artist: Damian Lintell-Smith Subject, Video: Audio/Visual Glitch, Country: United Kingdom / Artist: Rodríguez Hernández Jaime, Video: Los Principios de la Division, Country: Mexico / Artist: Simone Doing & Max Puchalsky, Video: Loving You to Death, Country: USA / Artist: Manolo Fraga, Video: O Vôo do Navegador (Flight of the Navigator) Country: Brazil / Artist: Leyla Rodriguez, Video: Optimistic Cover, Country: Germany


“CELL-FISH”. Anthropological itinerant living installation. #Ineedsyourapproval #mimycellandI #Ilovemyfishtank.
By Arnoldo Maal & Panchi Sanfuentes.
Music by Daniel Maal.

A “Cell-Fish” is an anatomical Socio-psycho-techno-human mutation that appears as a side effect of the communication industry.
It is a creature with extremely low levels of self-esteem, which needs the approval of their peers to activate any of its vital functions.
Its primary energy is obtained directly from virtual units in several forms: ¨LIKES¨, ¨HA-HAS¨, ¨WOWS¨ and ¨LOVES¨
Until now Science has not been able to explain the high rate of population growth of this specie, since in its entropy, has atrophied the ability to connect with reality, resulting in the elimination of its preservation instinct, ignoring events that threaten their own specie survival. (Text & Drive, Absence of Likes, Pokemones search on cliffs, or deaths due to lack of WIFI).
Katatonic Garden, Art Sound Performance by Muu Blanco
Catatonia is a neuropsychiatric syndrome characterized by motor abnormalities that occur in association with alterations in consciousness, affection and thought.
Under a catatonic state Muu Blanco make this performance, which represents his interest in guttural sounds and jars wrapped with synthetic atmospheres and rhythms simultaneously from 3 smartphone.
PMS Lounge by Nina Dotti
After surgical menopause at age 33 I found a lot of misinformation and silence on this issue. That`s the reason why I decided to create my participatory performance Hot Flashes Bar: to educate women about menopause and how to handle it in a more relaxed, positive way. The PMS Lounge app is an evolution of the original proposal that aims to provide effective information, now under the impact of new technologies, on how transit menopause with full satisfaction.
The PMS lounge app is an educational tool that allows the user, and also the participant in the collaborative performance, to obtain important information on the topics of menopause and andropause (also known as men menopause) through content videos produced with a sense of humor, irony and critic effrontery.
Performance Amereida World Beat Music feat: GEORGE LE SAX & LADY ACAPELLA
Am I Intangible?
Performance by Fernando Calzadilla
Music by Gustavo Matamoros
Associate Lighting Designer Tammy Srinivas
In 2003, UNESCO established the Intangible Heritage program to safeguard these five “domains”
Oral traditions and expressions, including language as a vehicle of the intangible cultural heritage;
Performing arts;
Social practices, rituals and festive events;
Knowledge and practices concerning nature and the universe;
Traditional craftsmanship.
Since its inception, I have been asking about the W’s of any event, why, where, when, what, which, and who. To me culture is alive and always in process, always changing, never identical. To safeguard culture, well intentioned as it may be, is petrifying, paralyzing, and dangerous.
Am I Intangible? Asks the same questions Fernando have been asking in his performances since 2004. Who decides what, which one, where, when, and finally, why?
He will appear covered in white clay, paint myself, and then the audience will efface his painting.
Dj set by Musicat Video Art The Gatos Media.

DJ DR.Muusica
Events (Other Miami Locations)
Vice City Bean
Address: 1657 N Miami Ave c, Miami, FL 33137
Phone: (305) 726-8031
Thursdays through Sundays October 27 – November 6th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Projection #1
Lifetime-Existence-Interactive Practice

Projection #2
Abstraction, robotics, language of the unconscious

Projection #3
Fantasy, Super Star, Karma

Arts Connection Space
Address: 3212 NE 2nd Ave Miami, Florida 33137
Phone: (786) 359-4099
October, Thursday 20th 7:00- 11:00 pm, exhibit runs until November 26th

“ Take the Load Off”
Video Poetry by Nina Dotti

Take the load off/El Despojo” is composed of a striking video-performance “ El Despojo” bearing along with distinct visual-poetry “Corazon/Heart”, small format installations and photographs.
“Take the Load off/El Despojo” turned out to become a rousing performance in which Dotti invited 100 women to pen upon a paper all the things that prevented them from evolving in their life. Once the participating women wrote down the litany of problems hindering their self-actualization, their written laments were thrown into a massive cauldron where the flames of regret were forged into communal wishes for a more positive future.
The work was conducted at the 13 1/2 km mark of the La Guardia Highway in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (2015).
In addition to the video/performance “Take the Load off/El Despojo, the artist, whose real name is Nina Fuentes submit nine visual-poems, adapted from the book of poems titled “Música de Rocola /Jukebox Music”, written by her friend and compatriot Adriana Bertorelli.
Dotti’s commanding opus is completed with 13 objects and photos linked with the poems and with the problems of the heart and our affections.

Workshop: Live a Creative Life Style with Carla Forte, Alejandra Romero and Alexey Taran
November Saturday 12th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Introducing to the artistic management, grants, residency programs and commissions
Carla Forte is a performer, scriptwriter and film director. Forte is the founder and Executive Director of Bistoury Physical Theatre and Film. She has directed internationally featured Video-Art works such as Interrupta, Official Selection at 27th Festival Les Instants Video 2014. Her cinematographic work includes the Feature Film ANN, Official Selection Social Machinery Film Festival 2016; the documentary The Holders, which World Premiered at the Miami International Film Festival 2015; Short films “Imaginarium” and “Reset” selected for Cannes film festival’s Short Film Corner; as well as the feature film Urban Stories, Winner of Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Feature Film at Bootleg Film Festival in Toronto; and Honorable Mention at both Los Angeles Movie Awards and Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland

2051 NW 2ND Ave. Wynwood, Fl 33127
Phone: (505) 603-2080
October, Saturday 29th – November 5th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
¨MICKI¨ / Series American Icons
Installation by Ivan Castillo Lagrange & Bartus Bartalomes
Video- Art
Alice in Wonderland by Kuki- Benski

“Un-wall-in-g by Lili(ana) & Maui_sa

Performance by UOM-Auditory Art
Daniel Fiorda & Eduardo Balerdi

Imago Art in Motion
Address: 165 Majorca Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134
Phone: (786) 857-6967

November Friday 4th 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Performance “ Mandala 3D” by Rayma Suprani & Videoart by The Gatos Media

Mandalas are a spiritual representation and a ritual of the cosmos. It is also a Sanskrit term mainly used as a ceremonial language in Hindu rituals, as hymns and mantras.
They represent the sacred space, the center of the Universe and the focus point. A circle inside of a square shape represents the mandala.
In practice, mandalas may be lineal or figurative, from the cardinal axes that project them. You can divide its parts in internal regions of a circle. For Buddhists, it functions as meditation, however, the most important process for them is the “creation” because is a journey that shows the experience of the designer and is the connection between man and divinity.
Drawing and painting mandalas is a therapy, it’s a free design and it has infinite meaning.
The graphic artist Rayma, will start us with Mandala 22, a performance with a large-scale, different colors, sounds and shapes that will give us a peek into her creative process, making a mix between painting and video.

Miami Theatre Center
Address: 9806 NE 2nd Ave, Miami Shores, FL 33138
Phone: (305) 751-9550
Video Sound Connection

November Friday 25th, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Video art world wide Projection #1
Lifetime-Existence-Interactive Practice
Katatonic Garden, Art Sound Performance by Muu Blanco
Video art world wide Projection #2
Dj Dr Muusica

November, Saturday 26th, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Abstraction, robotics, language of the unconscious
Fantasy, Super Star, Karma
Dj set by Musicat Video Art The Gatos Media.

20.10.2016. - 12:55:50


Lass dich fallen,

lerne Schlangen beobachten, pflanze unmögliche Gärten.
Lade jemanden Gefährlichen zum Tee ein,
mache kleine Zeichen, die „Ja“ sagen und
verteile sie überall in deinem Haus.
Werde ein Freund von Freiheit und Unsicherheit.
Freue dich auf Träume.
Weine bei Kinofilmen, schaukle so hoch du kannst
mit deiner Schaukel bei Mondlicht.
Pflege verschiedene Stimmungen,
verweigere „verantwortlich zu sein“,
tue es aus Liebe.
Glaube an Zauberei, lache eine Menge,
bade im Mondlicht.
Träume wilde phantasievolle Träume,
zeichne auf die Wände.
Lies jeden Tag.
Stell dir vor, du wärst verzaubert,
kichere mit Kindern, höre alten Leuten zu.
Spiele mit allem, unterhalte das Kind in dir,
du bist unschuldig, baue eine Burg aus Decken,
werde nass, umarme Bäume,
schreibe Liebesbriefe.

Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy

22.10. – 12.11.2016
PILAR BAR & The Feather Theories
Pilar Cruz & Special Guests
Opening: 21.10.2016, 20:30 Uhr

Galerie Genscher
Marktstraße 138 / Hinterhof
20357 Hamburg / Karolinenviertel
U2 Messehallen | U3 Feldstraße | S21 Sternschanze

Mit freundlicher Unterstüzung der Kulturbehörde Hamburg

16.10.2016. - 19:42:06
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