Oldseed (folk-doom) 28.05.2017, 19–22 solo show Galerie Genscher/ Marktstraße 13

oldseed is all about the art of the build. if you let him, bjerring will suck you right into his world; delicate, explosive, often times quite raw but definitely on point. finely honed without ever sounding slick.

over the last ten years or so, oldseed has become an anti-hero for the truly indie-minded folk in the music world. eschewing all the „ego-trappings“ of the industry (publicists, record labels etc.) c. bjerring (oldseed) set out to incorporate the philosophy of the 80’s d.i.y. movement (sst, discord) and go back even further musically to the bardic tradition (woody guthrie et al). he has developed a strong body of work and a huge network of fans and friends worldwide.

bjerring grabbed his acoustic guitar and started writing and recording within the confines of what his resources would allow. he started with burning cd’s of his first two records and hand stamping the covers. and he started to gig and gig and gig. to date, oldseed has played about 1200 shows. he’s played everywhere from kitchens to concert halls. 28 countries and counting.

oldseed has since released 7 albums in total (plus a live cd and a split 7″). all records have been pressed on vinyl on bjerring’s dime.

oldseed has shared the stage with howe gelb, shearwater, the weakerthans, lambchop, scott kelly (neurosis), john baizley (baroness), mike watt and andy kerr (nomeansno) to name a few.


28.05.2017, 19–22 Uhr
Oldseed (folk-doom) solo show
Galerie Genscher
Marktstraße 138
Hamburg St. Pauli

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch die
Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg

25.05.2017. - 16:16:59
Von ZIG ZAG / Fluxkunst 27. Mai um 19:00 bis 28. @ 172 Northdown Road Cliftonvil

Join us for a night and a day of crazy projections and wonderful noise as we celebrate the work of international artists and creatives, and Fluxkunst second exhibition and magazine edition!
The exhibition is curating works around the concept of TIME, with an interest particularly relating to how travel and movement distorts the linear pattern of time as it is commonly perceived.
Ursula Cooper
Erin Laurel Hayhow
Morgan Hislop
Tor Neilson
Dream Safari
Phillipa Wall
Leyla Rodriguez
Jasmine Mcinerney
Theresa Fryer
Eden Mitsenmacher
Debbie Hum
Stephanie Granger and Ray Burnside
Abbey Northey
Sam Simmons


LIVE set from Morgan Hislop (Limited Health / Radar)

22.05.2017. - 10:28:59
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